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What You Need to Know When Starting A Business

Complete preparation, a strong desire to succeed and lots of work is the key to achieving favorable results in business. Engaging in business is a constant struggle throughout and starting a business is particularly critical. Many businesses close shops before they can even take off.


Understanding how to start a business the right way will pave the way for more predictable positive results as you go forward. Here’s a guide in starting your business in Australia.


1. Confirm your readiness.


Understand that business is a full-time endeavor that demands wise management of resources. Unlike a hobby, it can spell the difference between economic benefits and collapse.


2. Define your business.


Make the major decisions such as in the type of your business structure, business name, and location. These decisions will be key in determining your business’s future success. 


3. Plan to succeed.


Chart a course for your business success. Develop a business plan, research the market you will be playing in, and have a written marketing plan. If you intend to go into exporting, develop your export strategy, as well.


4. Register your business.


Apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN). You may apply for a business name and tax registration for your business at the same time when you use the Business Registration Service for your application. Depending on your business location and the industry you are in, you also need to apply for applicable licenses and permits. You’ll need to register your company if you decide that it’s your business structure. Consider registering the website you will use for your business as early as possible.


5. Prepare to conform to tax obligations.


Understanding the taxation for your business will allow you to fulfill your tax duties later on and keep your business out of trouble with the authority. Know how to accomplish and keep the right records. They will be your basis for lodging and payment of tax.


6. Know the essential business laws.


Know the laws essential for business. Understand the fair trading laws and laws applicable in your industry. Be well informed about contracts and their implications.


7. Learn how to organise your finances.


Know how to prepare your finances. Understand pricing and develop a pricing strategy. Apply for a business loan when you need extra financing. Be resourceful to find other means to help finance your business.


8. Prepare to protect your business.


Getting your business insured will give you enough protection. You should protect any intellectual property your business has. It will be prudent to prepare for a business emergency and contingency.


9. Set up operations.


Learn how to hire the best employees as well as your legal responsibilities. Learn marketing so you can effectively reach your target market, boost earnings, and bottom line. Study the right suppliers you should get. Learn best practices in customer service to let you develop a good relationship, gain new customers, and their loyalty.  


The steps may seem overwhelming but they are all important for a spirited business start and set it on the right track. Good luck!




About the author:

Mike is a content writer and marketing consultant for phonebook at St Marys, NSW.

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