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Optimizing Your Online Business Profile

Our online business plans include free optimizations that give you a boost in search engine results. We also set up your social cards, so anyone who hits ‘share‘, will post an attractive preview of your business across social media. These all link back to your Phonebook listing!

A Twitter preview card example:

Twitter card for a phonebook online business listing

We do all the work for you!

Every time we receive a new business listing application, our admin team makes sure that your information is all correct, in order and without any typo’s. For paid plans, we’ll also do the following work:

  • Create a custom ‘Meta-Title &  Description‘ based on your business profile, so that it displays properly in Google and other search engine results.
  • Tag your listing with it’s main category & local town and add it to listing feeds around the site.
  • Prioritise the listing. (Premium plans rank highest in our search results).
  • Add the listing to the relevant business category(s) so it is easily discovered in our search results.
  • Check the address and map location is correct.
  • Add (keyword relevant) ‘Alt Tags’ to all your images, so that google can interpret them.
  • Test links to your website, social pages and others.
  • Test booking form, video media and image gallery.
  • Organise your Products & Services tab, into a bulleted list.
  • Check that your uploaded catalogues, brochures or menu’s, open on-click.

Once we are satisfied that your online business listing is 100% perfect, we’ll publish it and email you a link to check it out!

Why are phonebook optimizations so important?

Our goal is to provide the best place to list your business, for maximum exposure online. We want your business to be found easily, not just via social media or google, but also in our search results, listing feeds, links in our blog posts, related category feeds, linked-deals listings and more.

Here’s an example of how a new customer might find your Phonebook business listing by doing a google search;

Let’s say they enter the keywords “Plumbing Sydney“. Google will display results based on a number of factors, but mainly, how well their keywords match the content in your listing. This includes the title, description, images and information in your products & services list.

The free search results (ones that are not ads) are also known as ‘organic’ results and the optimizations that we apply to your listing, will give it a boost up this list, without spending any extra money on SEO or advertising costs.

Here’s an example of an ‘organic’ google result, for the above search query:

Example of a meta title and meta description in google results

The meta-title is the top sentence (in blue).
The URL is the (green) part beneath.

The meta-description is the text (in grey). 

What are the best Keywords?

Google offer a suite of tools that provide insights into the popularity of specific keywords and phrases, including ‘Adwords’ and ‘Trends’. While our chosen keyword is valuable and highly competed for, it only serves as an example here.

We might benefit from using a smaller target region such as Parramatta, which has less competition and more likely to appear higher in the organic results.

Ideally, we could try to get the target keyword to match content in the title, url and description, but in this case, the business name appears in all three, while “Gas Fitting“, also appears in both the url and the description, adding a little diversity.

Comparing similar keywords in Google Trends:

SEO google trends chart

It's not just about the Keywords...

So, before we all rush out to build a fancy new website and fill its pages with relevant keywords to sneak our way up Google’s ranking, there is a catch…”Keyword stuffing” is commonly referred to as a “black-hat” SEO technique that will probably get your site penalised or even blacklisted from search engine results. 

There are plenty of Do’s & Don’ts, when it comes to SEO, (Search Engine Optimization). Trying to cheat the search engines, is just not worth the risk.

This is why our business listings have a space to write an interesting and natural description of your business, while also offering a ‘Products & Services’ section to list your areas of expertise. This is read by search engines and it also helps customers find your business in our results, when searching for any of those keywords in your list. 

For example, a Hair Salon also offers an “eyelashes” service. They could add this to their list, so when a visitor enters that keyword (in full or part) they find you! We offer many other search options, but this is a very powerful one.

Are there ongoing costs or maintenance?

There are plenty of online services that allow business owners to build and launch a simple website, even with e-commerce. However, the internet is now home to well over a billion websites, all competing for a spot in search engine results. This has sparked the birth of a niche industry, specializing in ‘search engine optimization and online marketing’, some even dedicated to social media. Certain companies have huge budgets, just for this type of marketing.

At Phonebook, we don’t charge for applying the initial optimizations to your business listing, nor do we charge any ongoing costs to maintain the SEO updates, if you decide to edit your listing information and images. We don’t charge to prepare your social media card design (so your listing looks great when shared). It’s all included in your low-cost Phonebook Business Plan.

On top of that, if your business has a website already, our Essential and Premium plans will also point to your website, helping it accumulate ‘authority’. These “Backlinks” can be expensive, but with Phonebook, it’s all part of your plan.

To wrap up

Every business needs to have some sort of online presence in the modern era. It could be a website, a blog, business listing, social media page, or any other type of online media. It all contributes to your brand identity. While the subject of SEO is vast, I have only dusted over the basics here, mostly, what are referred to as ‘on-page’ optimizations.

SEO can take a bit of time to propagate in search engines, usually a few months before seeing noticeable improvements. Over time, if you occasionally update some images or add new services to your business listing, this will keep your content fresh and appealing to search engines, maintaining your relevance.

At Phonebook, our mission was to create an effective, easy to use platform to promote your business, special offers, sales or coupons. We handle all the ‘behind the scenes’ complexities, freeing up your time to focus on business operations. If you have any questions about our services, simply contact us here. We will get back to you promptly!

Ready to create a real online business profile with Phonebook?..



About the author:

Mike is a content writer and marketing consultant for phonebook at St Marys, NSW.

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