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How to celebrate international dog day in a pandemic in Australia

There are many dog owners in Australia, and the numbers are increasing day by day, it’s comfortable to claim that Australia is a place where you would find dog lovers everywhere. 


26 August, dog day, is the ideal day to commemorate the companionship between a dog and its owner. 


The joy that these furry friends bring into our lives and how they enlighten our mood and fill our aura with pleasure would determine that there is genuinely no animal better than a dog. 

How was dog day celebrated before? 

Dog day was mostly celebrated by taking dogs out for long walks or organizing wonderful playdates for them with all their friends invited. 


You can’t do all this in 2020 due to the coronavirus, but that should not stop you from the celebration. 


We have some fantastic ideas about how you can spend dog day without having to go out. Do you want to know more? Let’s jump in. 

Treat them with care:

This day is all about appreciating our pals and what better way to do this other than making them a delightful treat. 


Don’t know how to make one? Don’t worry because there is a dozen of recipes available online. You can even order takeout, something that your dog loves. 

Give them all the love:

This is the right time to get that dog accessory that you wanted to buy, spoil them with all your affection and make them feel valued. 


Make sure you take out time to have a long petting session with them. Let us tell you a fact, rub their bellies and they love it! 

Spa can also be done:

You aren’t the only one who loves massages and gets tired. Your baby gets tired too after all the playing and after creating such a fuss about treats. 


What about taking out the time to give them a long soothing massage, if you aren’t aware of how to, don’t worry, you always have the internet, right? 


Teach them a new trick:

You always wanted your dog to do this one trick, but you never had the time to make it happen. Well, congratulations, this is the right time. 


Teach them something new, the best part about the trick is that you would always remember that he learned this on dog day 2020. 


Dress up time:

Your lady deserves a dress up this day, groom your dogs, give them a nice hot bath, dress them up with suits or frocks and don’t forget to take a dozen pictures to post! 


Come on its dog day! You have to make their presence known and what better platform than social media to post your beauty on. 


Other dogs matter too:

If you are a dog lover, then make sure you take care of other dogs too. You can’t go out and find strays in the pandemic, but you could always donate to your local shelter by online transfers of deliveries. 


It doesn’t matter if you have a dog or not, if you love them then learn to love all of them, not just the pure breeds and beautiful one’s but also the stray and wounded ones. 


Final verdict:

Celebrating dog day is more of a tradition for dog lovers, and we won’t let coronavirus stop this beautiful occasion from happening. 


These ideas above would help you organize the day for your lovely child. 



About the author:

Mike is a content writer and marketing consultant for phonebook at St Marys, NSW.

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