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What's included for free?

We are giving every business the chance to get noticed in the new digital phonebook. Free listings are a great introduction to our new service, but are not as effective as our paid plans. 

  • Free business listings are created on your behalf and managed by our admin team. They will appear in our search results and on the map, but rank below all paid listings.

  • They won’t appear in your phonebook account, so you will not be able to view visitor data, link any deals, or edit a free listing, without claiming it first.

  • Free listings will only show your business name, address and contact phone number. Reviews are enabled.

  • Free listings will appear in our search results, but we will not index free listings in google and other search engines. 

However, each free business listing has a Claim button, which allows you to claim it and start a paid plan of your choice, at anytime in the future. Once the claim application has been approved, this listing will appear in your phonebook account and can be edited. It will also gain all of the benefits included in the selected plan.

How to apply for a free listing

Complete the form below and we will contact you to confirm your business details, either by phone or email. Free listings take longer to publish, so please allow up to 5 business days, after submitting an application.

All of the form fields are mandatory and every application must comply with the following terms:

  • The ABN must confirm the current registered business name in ASIC records. (This will be checked).

  • The business address must be Australian.

  • The phone number must be Australian. Either a mobile number or landline will be accepted.

  • Overseas or ‘online only’ businesses will not be accepted.

  • Suspicious (or spammy) applications will be automatically deleted by our filters (and the IP blacklisted).

If you do not see your free listing within a week of lodging an application, please contact us. We will make your application a priority.

Alternatively, our Basic business plan offers excellent value at just $6/month, with no lock in contract. Our Essential and Premium plans have huge benefits and also include a free corresponding Deals plan, to really boost your online profile.

All our business plans have a free one month trial period. Learn more here.

First 100 customers: Get 6 MONTHS FREE on any new business plan!

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