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Phonebook accounts are free. Accounts can be used to bookmark favourite listings and deals, or to manage your own listings on phonebook.

For all new business listings, we offer a free trial period. Our monthly plans are great value, without any set-up fees or lock-in contracts. Essential and Premium business plans also include free deals. We also offer a free listing option. Check our pricing page for more information.

Subscriptions can be managed from your phonebook account, or cancelled anytime, with no exit fees.

From our menu, simply click the Add A Listing button, then select Business. Choose a plan that suits your requirements and complete the online form, adding your information and images. Click “submit” and our admin team will notify you when we have published your listing.

Note: When creating a listing on, you will be reminded to sign in, or sign up for a free account. It’s best to do this first, before creating a listing.

For more details on how to create a phonebook listing, see our guide page.

Phonebook Deals are a great way of advertising a sale, special offer, coupon, discount or even a loyalty card. Deals can be created by clicking the Add A Listing button, then choosing Deals. 

Simply select your plan, then complete the form fields to describe the deal. When finished, submit the deal to us and admin will notify you when it is published on our site.

Our Essential and Premium business plans also include free, corresponding deal plans. However, deal plans can also be purchased separately. (We do not charge commissions on deal redemptions).

See our guide page for more information.

Yes. Our guide page has all the information you need to get the most out of phonebook advertising. While adding a listing is a very simple process, it’s a good idea to have a quick read through, first.

We offer three business plans;

Basic Plan.
This is our entry level plan and allows businesses to create an impressive online profile with all the basic elements. Add your service region or address, a cover image, logo, trading hours, click-to-call and much more.

Essential Plan.
Businesses on this plan will rank higher in our search results, will have additional features like image gallery, messenger, your social links, will feature in our home feeds and also receive the ‘Essential Deals’ plan, allowing you to advertise a sale, special offer or other deal on phonebook, for free!

Premium Plan.
This is our top level plan. These businesses have the highest priority in our search results, feature in all feeds around our site and have an optional integrated booking form. We also allow the upload of a brochure or menu (jpeg or pdf) a larger image gallery, video media and more. A ‘Premium Deals’ plan is also included for free.

All our plans include SEO and maintenance, with no other fees. Learn more about inclusions on our pricing page.

Start your free trial today!

There are many benefits, but here are a few:

Our marketing attracts visitors to phonebook, to find the best deals and businesses in their local area. Your business can be found in our search results and in our promotional feeds across the website.

For every business listing we receive, our experts will apply SEO (search engine optimization), including a keyword-rich meta-description. This greatly improves the relevance of your phonebook listing in search engines, like google.

Our Essential and Premium business plans also include free deals, which can boost your exposure across our site and on social media. Whether it’s a sale, special offer, coupon or even a loyalty card, Phonebook Deals create huge incentive for customers to connect with your business!

Yes. If you need help or have any questions, simply message us and our friendly support team will reply promptly. We are here to help you!

Our blog and newsletter also have some great information, with tips and ideas to grow your online profile.

A custom built website can cost thousands and take several weeks to build. There are also ongoing costs, such as domain renewal, hosting, SEO, software, maintenance and so-on. 

Other options include ‘website builder’ tools, that allow you to create a simple site from a template. These are usually subscription services, but there can also be ongoing costs involved, such as domain renewal, SEO and third party software integration. They usually include budget hosting, to stay competitive.

A phonebook business listing is easy to create (it takes minutes, as opposed to hours or weeks). It starts with a free trial and there are zero set-up costs or lock-in contracts. We utilise Google Cloud hosting, manage everything from software to SEO and have priced all of our business plans low enough, so you can also have that website too!

Google recommends that businesses should also create listings in reputable, local directories. A great way to increase the relevance of your own website in search engines like google, is to create or purchase (good quality) links to your site. These are called ‘backlinks’.

With our Essential and Premium business listings, you can easily add your website link, embedded in a button. This allows visitors quick access and most importantly creates a powerful backlink for your site. Great value, even for just the link!

SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”. It refers to the process of optimizing a website or business listing to attract ‘organic’ (unpaid) traffic from search engine results pages. 

When someone enters a keyword or phrase in a search engine like google, the results will generally depend on how well the content of the website or business listings match the keywords entered. 

A phonebook business listing contains information about your products, services or expertise, which has two important features: It allows your customers to find you in our search results and also by letting google know that you offer these services too. The way we structure that data and provide it to search engines, also gives your business listing a boost in their results.

There are times when you may want to cancel a subscription, perhaps the business is changing hands and the new owner wants to start a different plan? Anyway, the process is very simple and there are no exit fees. 

Log into your phonebook account and go to Subscriptions > View > Cancel

Our admin team will promptly process the cancellation and notify you by email, when the request is complete.

Any listings associated with this plan, will remain ‘live’ until the plan is cancelled by admin.

Note: It is not recommended to cancel your free ‘Deals’ plan, received as part of the Essential or Premium business plans. If you need to delete a deal listing, simply delete that listing from your account.

Deleting a listing is easy: 

Log into your phonebook account. Click ‘My Listings’, find the listing that you want to delete, and click ‘Delete’.

Note: Deleting a listing does not cancel the plan that the listing was assigned to. The subscription remains active, until cancelled. This allows you to create another listing without re-subscribing!

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