Barrierboard™ Australia Pty Ltd, is a proudly owned Australian manufacturing business, that makes Acoustic soundproofing panels. It is operated by friends who have combined their years of experience in construction and civil engineering administration and hence are the sole manufacturer and distributor. So proud of this acquisition that we adopted the flagship name of this outstanding product which was awarded "Best New Product Award" by Architectural Product News. We have also added a number of market leading sound absorbing products to our range.
This gives Barrierboard™ Australia an enviable range to both sound blocking and sound reverberation absorption products. We maintaining a close relationship with Acoustic sound specialists and accredited qualified tradespeople.
Our commitment to providing quality Acoustic sound reduction products with exceptional results, comes at a time when high density apartment suburban living is becoming the norm and is challenged by inadequate acoustic building regulations causing stress and other health issues created by noise pollution.
At Barrierboard™ Australia we strive to find new ways to improve and further develop our products and broaden our range, while keeping costs as paramount to pass on to our customers.

Supplying quality Acoustic sound panels

Barrierboard Classic

Barrierboard Advantage

Barrierboard Advantage Plus


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